Max Muscle Arm Blaster Biceps-Gold

250,00 EGP

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Company Max Muscle Elite
Origin Egypt
Color Gold
Material Iron


Max Muscle Arm Blaster Biceps isolates the arms and shoulders while maintaining the back and elbows in the best position for a perfect exercise, focusing strength on the Biceps muscle only.

Max Muscle Arm Blaster Biceps is Designed to fit your body with elbow and neck pads to ensure a safe exercise without injuries and higher stability because it is made of black plated iron with adjustable nylon strap.

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE DESIGNS: 24 inch long and 4 inch wide arm blaster,adjustable heavy duty fastener, more stable and thickness Aluminum alloy material to support and preserve optimal form while doing heavy bicep curls,weight lifting
  • IMPROVE YOUR WORKOUT PERFORMANCE: Increase the blood flow in your arms just by maintaining your elbows next to your body. The ergonomic design fits you perfect and isolates your shoulders from moving and prevents cheating. Amazing results of pumped arms and better posture of your whole body
  • SUPPORT YOUR WORKOUT: Our Arm Blaster is a must for weighlifting, powerlifting, Dumbbells & Barbells Curls Muscle Building.Maintain your workout posture by using this bicep blaster, it helps your elbows in one place while building your biceps,triceps and shoulder muscles
  • RAPID MUSCLES GROWTH: You do all your workout, you try other methods to get out of the swamp you are into? You are desperate because your biceps doesn?t want to grow anymore? The perfect equipment is here to get you out of the hole and help you regain all the time you have lost from not having it. This is the HINT you need to WIN the game with the perfect arm curls. Great to use in the gym, for home or every sport you train using your arms
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We stand behind our product. If you are not satisfy with this arm isolator, just email us and we will quickly issue a full refund or send you a replacement
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